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    ANSI T1.417-2003 Standard

    As carriers look to dramatically expand their broadband services for mobile, business and residential customers, a key consideration of all large-scale deployments must include an assurance that any new high-bandwidth services introduced will not adversely impact existing and future xDSL services (ADSL, ADSL2+ and VDSL2). To accomplish this significant expansion throughout their customer serving area, carriers need a standards-based solution that is spectrally compliant. This critical standard in North America is the ANSI T1.417-2003 standard for Spectrum Management for Loop Transmission Systems, which by definition “provides spectrum management requirements and recommendations for the administration of services and technologies that use metallic subscriber loop cables. Spectrum management is the administration of the loop plant in a way that provides spectral compatibility for services and technologies that use pairs in the same cable.”

    Always committed to leapfrogging the industry and developing the most innovative standards-based Ethernet in the First mile solutions, Actelis is once again leading the way with our proven compliance of the ANSI T1.417-2003 standard. In fact, we believe that Actelis is the only Ethernet access developer that has proven, by an unbiased third party (Telcordia), to be in compliance with this standard. And for telecom network service providers, this ensures that our product portfolio of high-speed EFM systems, including our line of XR239 EFM Repeaters, will have no adverse impact on any neighboring voice and broadband services when deployed in any carrier access network.

    Actelis’ EFM systems and repeaters allow telecom service providers to systematically migrate their customers from legacy T1/E1 or xDSL services — which are no longer adequate — to fast, efficient and highly reliable EFM-based broadband services without disrupting neighboring services and preserving their current and future revenue streams. This also ensures that carriers do not have to deal with the operational complexity of binder group policies, which up until now required the segregation services in different binders, but rather allows them to focus on creating and delivering new higher revenue and higher margin services by delivering higher speed services to more customers throughout their network footprint.

    To learn more about Actelis’ compliance with the ANSI T1.417 standard, CLICK HERE to read the press release.



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