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    Actelis Networks partners with our worldwide customer base to ensure that their networks are strategically supported and implemented. We understand that our customers' networks are the lifeline of their business and as such, it is our goal to be the networking infrastructure provider of choice for the world's leading service providers and enterprises.

    As a valued Actelis Networks customer, you can expect a fully dedicated support team to satisfy all of your support needs, including: providing you with an experienced worldwide technical engineering staff, timely problem resolution, detailed technical answers and sound product advice.

    The customer support team at Actelis is committed to partnering with you to ensure that your experience with Actelis products promotes your company’s objectives and ensures your business success.

    Our tiered support levels help you to choose a plan that matches your company's unique support needs.

    Why Actelis Support is as Valuable as your Investment in our Products
    An investment in Actelis products can significantly help increase your organizations bottom line. Actelis products are designed to help you expand your broadband services, while keeping your infrastructure costs to a minimum. Helping you deliver more broadband services to more customers and/or locations is what Actelis is all about. When you purchase an Actelis service or support plan, you can feel confident that a fast and accurate resolution is as close as your phone or computer terminal. In addition to our experienced technical support staff located throughout the world, our customer support web site is designed to provide services at your convenience, any time, day or night.


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