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    With more than three billion copper telephone lines embedded throughout the world, services providers and enterprises are looking for pragmatic, economical ways to best leverage the investment in their existing copper infrastructure to cost-effectively meet the evolving bandwidth needs of their customers.

    Actelis' industry-leading product portfolio consists of standards-based, high-performance transport and access systems and repeaters that deliver unmatched Rate, Reach and Reliability, or what Actelis calls The 3 R’s of EFM™, to help our customers successfully grow their networks and businesses. Deployed by more than 200 service providers worldwide, Actelis’ EFM products are used by our diverse customer base for a wide range of solutions, including Dedicated Networks, DSLAM Backhaul, Mobile Backhaul, Metro Ethernet Extension, Transparent LAN, and Transportation (ITS) networking.

    And now with our newly patented Dynamic Rate Boost (DRB) and enhanced Dynamic Spectral Shaping (DSS) technology, Actelis’ product portfolio is “Reaching New Heights,” providing our customers with the highest Rate, Reach and ROI in the industry!

    Actelis’ product portfolio can be easily categorized by:

    Ethernet Access Devices
    Actelis’ ML series of Ethernet Access Devices (EADs) enable delivery of high-speed Ethernet services over existing copper and fiber network infrastructures. Actelis’ compact, cost-effective Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) EADs deliver up to 100 Mbps of symmetrical Ethernet traffic at fiber quality over existing copper pairs. Several of these devices serve as dual-purpose EADs and can be used in the central office and/or at the customer premises.

    Ethernet Aggregation Systems and Central Office Systems
    A comprehensive portfolio of carrier-class, standards-based Ethernet aggregation switching products, providing service providers and enterprises a variety of cost-effective platforms for different network topologies and scenarios.

    XR239 EFM Repeaters
    Now in their fifth generation, Actelis Networks’ family of XR239 EFM Repeaters are the world’s first standards-based and most widely deployed repeater for EFM systems. Actelis’ family of XR239 EFM Repeaters provides rates of up to 15Mbps per copper pair. Actelis repeaters, combined with our enhanced repeater DSS capabilities, allow for distribution of higher-bandwidth services anywhere in the access network while simultaneously lowering the impact on other binder services beyond standard requirements.

    Network Management & Monitoring
    Actelis’ MetaASSIST™ element management software applications are designed to complement and manage Actelis’ products, simplifying and efficiently managing your network.


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