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    EFM Loop Analyzer

    Actelis Networks’ EFM Loop Analyzer is an automated test tool that includes a suite of loop qualification and diagnostic tests, along with troubleshooting capabilities, for copper plant. The tool was developed to support our Carrier Ethernet over Copper™ product portfolio, including the suite of ML600 Ethernet Access Devices (EADs), ML1300/130 and ML2300 copper aggregation switches, as well as the XR239 EFM Repeater. The EFM Loop Analyzer is designed to be used in concert with Actelis’ network element management software application, MetaASSIST™ View, to analyze and troubleshoot copper loops being used to deliver carrier Ethernet access services.

    With a suite of measurement tools, including an integrated TDR (Time-Domain Reflectometer) for accurately measuring cable distances, detecting shorts and checking signal continuity between loop spans, the EFM Loop Analyzer is a specially designed tool for simplifying loop qualification. It also provides access analysis points for inserting up to four repeated spans and a distance simulator for analyzing performance at increased distance. The EFM Loop Analyzer has a variety of operating modes, so it can be deployed in a central office, at the remote customer premises or mid-span between the central office and the remote location, enabling a full range of diagnostic and fault isolation.

      • Portable troubleshooting test platform for Actelis EFM solution
      • Portable termination point for any Actelis EFM links
      • Simplifies copper loop qualification and installation
      • Easily test and qualify CO, Remote Terminal & Repeater links
      • Works with Actelis’ MetaASSIST View network element management solution
      • Hardened case with extractable modules for all ML600 EADs, PFU-8 and XR239 Repeater