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    Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, and founded in 1998, Actelis, The Broadband Acceleration Company, is recognized as the world’s #1 global provider of Ethernet over bonded-copper solutions. With more than 350 service provider customers across 50 countries, Actelis provides unmatched broadband solutions that enable telecom service providers, utilities, municipalities and enterprises, financial institutions, defense, school districts, and universities to deliver next-generation broadband services to their end users regardless of location.

    Leveraging existing copper networks to accelerate delivery of broadband services with fiber-like quality and reliability is at the core of Actelis' technologies and solutions. Our patented, award-winning EFMplus with DRB technology empower existing copper-based infrastructure to immediately deliver high-speed Ethernet links. This represents an enormous opportunity for service providers, given that most DSLAMs (or remote cabinets) and mobile base stations are within reach of existing copper infrastructure, especially with the help of Actelis’ unique technologies. For the residential marketplace, Actelis’ innovative Broadband Accelerators (BBAs) transform carrier networks to deliver ubiquitous broadband to every household over existing copper.

    Actelis’ products can be quickly deployed to deliver unparalleled broadband Rate, Reach and Reliability that accelerate a service provider’s ability to generate new revenue, lower operational expenses with minimal capital expenses and provide the quickest return on their investment. With our unique ability to provide unmatched bandwidth over copper, Actelis is accelerating the delivery of high-speed connectivity and next-generation broadband services that are fast, secure and highly reliable.

    With Actelis, it’s time to accelerate broadband and success.


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    Market Leadership

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