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    Service providers and network operators today can leverage their existing copper networks to deliver high-speed broadband Ethernet services with fiber-like quality and resiliency at speeds ranging from 15 to 400Mbps to those subscribers and end users who traditionally have been out of reach. Actelis' patented, award-winning EFMplus with DRB technology empower existing copper network infrastructure, enabling our customers to accelerate deployments of advanced Ethernet services across their entire customer serving area while keeping their network infrastructure expenditures to a minimum.

    Actelis’ product portfolio consists of Ethernet access devices, Ethernet aggregation switches, Broadband Accelerators (BBAs), and the industry’s first and only widely deployed spectrally-compliant EFM repeaters. Delivering up to 20 times more bandwidth than legacy copper solutions with installations reaching as far as 100Kft when paired with our XR239 EFM Repeaters, our products can be installed in the central office, in any outside plant environment and at the customer premises using existing methods and practices. With Actelis’ time-tested, best-in-class Ethernet over copper products, carriers, enterprises and municipalities can meet the current demand for bandwidth as well as future proof their networks to support applications that rely on higher bandwidth.

    Actelis is committed to ensuring that all of its high-performance products are easy to deploy and backed by superior customer service and support. In fact, as an ISO 9000 certified company, Actelis prides itself on developing, manufacturing and delivering world-class carrier Ethernet products and solutions. Backed by our team of seasoned network sales engineers and customer support representatives, Actelis can quickly turn up a next-generation Ethernet network that will generate new revenues and meet the growing requirements placed on your network.

    RUS listed, and MEF, OSMINE and NEBS Level 3 certified, Actelis' Ethernet over copper products have been deployed by more than 200 service providers throughout Asia, Europe, and North and Latin America, making Actelis the undisputed global supplier of Ethernet over bonded copper solutions.

    Key Markets
    The world has adopted Ethernet for next-generation business services and for connectivity in carrier networks. The greatest opportunities for delivering Ethernet connectivity lie in IP DSLAM and Mobile Backhaul as well as small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), including education, health care, financial institutions and government sectors, which require fast and affordable broadband access from large numbers of distributed sites. Existing backhaul networks based on T1 and E1 circuits are running out of capacity and becoming prohibitively expensive. Landline operators must provide greater bandwidth to every DSLAM (or remote cabinet), and mobile operators are under intense pressure to increase available bandwidth for emerging 3G/4G services while maintaining competitive pricing. For this reason, landline and mobile operators are planning to migrate their data and video backhaul to Carrier Ethernet, and in several cases, over copper. This represents an enormous opportunity for service providers, given that most DSLAMs (or remote cabinets) and mobile base stations are within reach of existing copper infrastructure, especially with the help of Actelis’ unique EFMplus technology with DRB and XR239 EFM Repeater technologies, which are spectrally compliant.

    For SMEs, legacy T1 and E1-based connectivity can no longer meet their bandwidth demands. With less than 25% of SMEs worldwide having access to fiber, Ethernet services over existing copper provide the most cost effective and reliable solution. Ethernet services over existing copper provide the greatest Rate, Reach, Reliability, with minimal upfront cost and lower ongoing, or operational expense, and, therefore, the most compelling solution to meet customer demand for cost-effective, high-bandwidth services.

    Actelis’ EFM 2BaseTL standard technology provides greater than a 10-fold speed increase per copper pair, when compared with legacy T1/E1 solutions. While T1s are physically limited to a bit rate of 768 Kbps per copper pair, the new standard defines transceivers (or PHYs) supporting bit rates in excess of 10Mbps per pair. All existing users of T1s and E1s can exploit these massive price/performance gains by migrating their networks to carrier Ethernet over copper solutions, including many sites in education, health care, and among SMBs as well as many DSLAM cabinets.

    In the residential market, providing cost effective and ubiquitous broadband to every household, regardless of location or distance from the central office is a key imperative for every carrier and government. Over 65% of residential broadband connections worldwide use DSL technology. However, the reach limitations of DSL require carriers to employ other methods to achieve universal coverage. The cost and lead times associated deploying additional DSLAMs (or remote cabinets) or deploying fiber to achieve universal coverage makes these unpalatable options. Carriers can generating more revenue, deliver cost-effective broadband, provide critical services faster and drive greater cost efficiencies by leveraging Actelis’ BBAs, which provide the only fully standards-based solution that allows carriers to deliver high bandwidth ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ service anywhere POTS service can be delivered.

    Actelis EFM over Copper Solutions
    Actelis offers a wide range of product configurations that support both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations over 1 to 32 pairs of voice-grade copper. Actelis’ Ethernet products fully comply with the IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) and ITU-T G.998 standards, and are powered by Actelis' patented, award-winning EFMplus technology, which accelerates the greatest Rate, Reach, and Reliability in the industry.

    Actelis Networks Technology
    Actelis Networks patented copper technology increases the achievable performance by implementing a “system-level” approach through an intricate system of hardware, software and algorithms that interact with and account for other network elements, optimizing performance of the existing copper based infrastructure. Although our patented EFMplus™ technology and BBAs are unique to Actelis, our products are fully compliant with all applicable standards (IEEE, MEF, ITU-T, ANSI, ETSI, and others) with proven multi-vendor interoperability.


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